10 creative date spots in Seoul

Date ideas in Seoul me – Korean-American, she – Seoul native self. I’m going to be visiting Seoul later this month, unofficially to meet a girl. Quick background: we were set up by our parents last year, and met once for a few hours on a coffee date at a Starbucks in Gangnam. I guess there was enough mutual interest since I was going to visit her again in , but that was postponed due to my being laid off. I’ve since found a new job, gotten a fresh set of vacation days, and so I’m off to Korea. Monday is probably not going to be productive at all since she works, and my flight back to America is at 7PM. She lives down south in Bundang and commutes via a bus. Any recommendations on where to go? Or better ideas? She seems pretty frugal.

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When it comes to us we love saving money for our future travels. So we try to think of romantic ideas or fun dates to do during our time in Korea. Luckily there are tons of romantic things to do in Seoul with your lover for a nice day out on the town. Seoul Forest is a great place for an inexpensive date. You can rent bicycles, feed animals, like deer, at the ecology park, take a gander at the butterfly garden, and walk through the sculpture park. We think Seoul Forest is the perfect place to pack your own picnic and enjoy the small oasis of trees in the big city.

Date ideas in Seoul (me – Korean-American, she – Seoul native). I’m going to be visiting Seoul later this month, unofficially to meet a girl. Quick background: we.

Casual Korean adultcoloringbook for travel girls! Expats are all on deadlines with ESL Teachers typically on one-year contracts and people in the Military on deployments generally in the realm of 6 months to a year. That said, having dropped some weight and having moved to Seoul , my dating life is actually better than ever even better than in Canada! What a sunset at last night’s lgtwins game. Each time the experience has been fantastic. Who knows…it might be you and your date having that awkward first kiss right on screen!

Hey guys. Here is our new menu!! Salmon avocado breakfast and Cranberry mimosa! I always love going for brunch on first dates because if you really like the person you can spend the rest of the day together maybe even making your way through this list! There are so many sweet little spots in Itaewon!

Great Spring & Summer Date Spots in Seoul

For those with a significant other, you may want to consider visiting South Korea, which is a popular tourist destination for a reason. Read on to see 7 pretty date spots in South Korea that will leave you and your significant other with beautiful memories. The best part? There was even a large tent! Naksan Park is the representative date spot to go to if you want to view the city of Seoul at a glance. A cafe is the ideal date spot for those who want to sit down and converse with their significant other.

A dating and pick up guide for Seoul helping you meet girls at clubs, singles bars, or online and filling you in on great spots for your date night.

Being a favorite of tourists and locals; Seoul is a city that has an abundance of vitality and charisma at all hours. Akin to amaze, not only are they fun to explore but there are also murals and adorable pictures around that serve as great photo spots. Common Ground is nearby Konkuk University. The space is divided into four segments, with plenty of stores for you to browse.

Wonderful in Summer. With the soft and warm lights from the Naksan fortress, a romantic summer atmosphere can be enjoyed with your girlfriend orb boyfriend. The promenade nearby Naksan Park allows visitors to the park may choose to take a leisure stroll for about hours and several benches are also mounted along the pathways for those who wish to wish to take a short rest. The rule of taking photos of people: Use the fortress walls to take beautiful pictures.

Do not forget about the flowers between the both of you! Hot Deals Group bookings.

Seoul Date Spots: A Casual 3-Step Date in Seochon!

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10 Best Places to go on a Date in Seoul. You might be surprised but in fact, Seoul is a perfect place for lovebirds! If you want to take your better.

An early morning sweat session was just what the doctor ordered, and I went for it first thing in the morning. It lasted about 45 minutes, and it was a mad dash to get ready and get to work. What did you think I meant? Clair West got my endorphins going. I did, in fact, rush to work, and was greeted by one of my favourite security guards handing out roses. Nice work, Brookfield.

I spent lunchtime with my on and off beau of a year and a half. Turns out — they were into it. With that in mind…. An upscale karaoke party for singles, friends, lovers or whomever else your heart desires!

7 Pretty Date Spots In South Korea To Visit With Your Partner Once It’s Safe To Travel

Did you know that Seoul is the city for lovers? Seoul is full of hidden and romantic places where you can date peacefully with your lover. Trazy has selected for you the best 15 date spots so that you can spend a great moment and why not fall in love in this beautiful city!

You’re properly dating · Feel like you’re on top of the world at Namsan Tower (​Seoul N Tower) · Take the Wine Train · Check out Jeonju · Recreate a.

Luckily there are tons of romantic things to do in Seoul with your lover for a nice day out on the town. Seoul Forest is a great place for an inexpensive date. You can rent bicycles, feed animals, like deer, at the ecology park, take a gander at the butterfly garden, and walk through the sculpture park. We think Seoul Forest is the perfect place to pack your own picnic and enjoy the small oasis of trees in the big city.

There are thousands of cafes in Seoul , and many of them are themed. Spend an afternoon sipping on coffee in a fun or unique environment with your sweetie. You can spend a few good hours posing in the art on the wall and looking like you were painted right in the scene. Explore the great outdoors by going on a hike. Make sure you pack the essentials for a Korean hike like makgeolli, otherwise you will feel left out once you reach the top of that mountain!

6 Romantic Places To Have A Date In Seoul — Kdrama Style

Korea is a country that is famous for its dating culture. From its celebration of events such as one month, days, and days such as White Day March 14, a day where guys should give gifts to their partners. All the way to wearing couples shirts and matching hats. Korea is unique in the way that dating works, and at times can even be confusing to understand. That is why it is important to know the best places to date in Seoul if you like animals anyway!

This means that there are thousands of different places to date in Seoul alone.

Trick Eye Museum.

This barrier free forest trail is accessible from a subway station and is wheelchairs and baby carriages friendly too! Walk across the outdoor bridge, m above the ground at Korea’s tallest building, Lotte World Tower. Visit the real-time historical prison located at Seodaemun Independence Park, within 5 mins walk from its nearest subway station. Besides its large compound and red-brick building structures, Seodaemun Prison History Hall is also a popular filming location for many Korean dramas e.

The view of a Korean temple on the cliff edge is simply extraordinary. The cultural park was once a hidden petroleum reserve base of 5 oil storage tanks, holding enough oil reserves to power Seoul for 1 month, if needed. Packed your lunch box at Tongin Market? Do you know you can get past the security to visit the Blue House, the official residence of the President of South Korea?

Have you been looking for a observatory in Seoul that is free or conveniently located with subway access? Want to experience traditional Korean village life but Korean Folk Village is far while there is too much walking esp.

5 Dating Spots in Seoul That Everyone Goes To

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20 Great Spots Around Seoul for Date Inspiration · 1. Yeouido Hangang Park · 2. Themed Cafes · 3. Ihwa Mural Village · 4. Rooftop Restaurants · 5.

How did you find out About us? There are plenty of bus and subway stops along this route! This bowling pin dances around Itaewon constantly, and one night we decided it had followed us around long enough to warrant a picture. Romantic Park in Jamsil Seoul Korea. Last weekend I finally got to great out Olympic Park. It was a Saturday without much to do, seoul we walked around the seoul and ended up meandering our way to the site of the Olympic Games in Seoul. We had plenty to talk about with the Olympic Flame and the list of winners and sponsors available for all to see.

In the spring this is said to be one of the best places in Seoul to catch romantic cherry blossoms. Make sure the special exhibits are dating to make the most of your trip to Ichon Station. First time betting on horses! About a month ago I romantic the afternoon learning how to place bets on horses racing in various areas romantic Korea. Going to the actual dating can dating an eternity to leave time for people to place bets before the race begins. Just go check out the grounds, date a picnic if you like, and relax and talk.

A picnic takes a little bit more preparation, which you dating not want to put spots on a first date.


Seoul broke down that list of the best nightclubs best pick up bars in Seoul to meet sexy girls into a few main singles nightlife areas. You spots want to choose one romantic focus on and book a room near there to make things a lot korea date yourself. This is where the models, K Pop stars, and many of the hottest ladies in South Korea will want to go to see and be seen.

13 Most Romantic Places In Seoul, South Korea: Perfect For A Lovely Date – Updated · 1. Jamsil Olympic Stadium · 2. Seoul Forest · 3.

Date ideas and locations for a romantic night in Seoul! Korean dramas perfectly symbolize the essence of romance. Seoul, often the filming location of these dramas, features a number of romantic destinations. Here are our top 6 picks for romantic destinations to include during your trip to Seoul. Upon arrival, you can ride the express elevator to the Observatory Tower, where you get to see degrees panorama of Seoul.

For a luxurious experience, you can enjoy a delightful French dinner prepared by Michelin star chef at n. Grill, a revolving restaurant in the N Seoul Tower. Fact or fiction, N Seoul Tower is one of the only few places in the world where visitors are actively encouraged to hang these symbols of love onto important monuments. You can double the magic by making a wish in the Wishing Pond on the second floor of the tower.

By bus : you can take the Namsam Shuttle Bus Number 02, 03, and


I’ve been based in Seoul the last few years and Korea has continued to capture my heart as the years go by. But I also feel even one lifetime isn’t enough to fully explore what’s out there so I try and head out of Seoul whenever I can. Traveling, making friends, gaining new perspectives, and lots of good eating is all that I need to live a happy life.

Top hidden attractions and best kept secret places to explore in Seoul, South Korea. Be the first to share among your friends! Include guides on how to get there.

This place is well known as the king of dating places! Couples go to the top and lock up their love with cute locks on the fence while throwing away the keys, praying that their love will be eternal. People like going up here at night so they can see the whole night scene of Seoul. There are endless restaurants and bars full of traditional and fusion Korean food. There are also a lot of stores lined up along the streets full of accessories for your girlfriend or boyfriend and also fun items to shop for.

Insadong is famous among the foreign tourists as they have a lot of traditional places and things to offer. There are many traditional things you can try here, for example: trying on Hanbok Korean traditional dress and eating a big traditional meal.

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