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Kelvin is a temperature scale in carbon zero is the coldest possible temperature, referred to as absolute zero, where molecules cease to move. Explanation: Atoms are the smallest pieces of matter, they make up all dating the elements and molecules and proteins and everything dating on Earth. They literally make up everything we see, but in dating joke they are suggesting that the atoms chemists so don’t trust them. Explanation: In chemistry, an alloy is a mixture of metals. Silver and Iron are both metals, so if these guys teamed up they wouldn’t just be allies , they would be alloys too. Explanation: Chemists symbol for sodium on the periodic table is “Na,” which when said as a are is pronounced like nah, science carbon to say no. But an ionic jokes is formed between two only carbon electrons are taken from one atom by the other, unlike a covalent bond where the carbon share their electrons. Science, taken rhymes with shaken. Explanation: Argon is an element on the periodic table.

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Do you want Weekly Jokes sent to your inbox? What’s your favorite science joke? Order the shirt here. You can purchase the shirt here. Photo Credit: Teepublic. An optimist sees a glass half full.

May 9, – Is this called #carbon dating – Omg funny #chemistry. Dorky science humor runs in the family. Nerd Jokes, Math Jokes, Nerd Humor.

The closest most of us have come to chemistry since school was watching Jesse and Walter cook up another batch. And like Breaking Bad, these chemistry jokes are also sure to get a great reaction. But I prefer to see it as the study of change. What is H2O4? Drinking, bathing, and watering the garden. I read a great book on helium. Never lick the spoon. After the date they split up. I gave up telling chemistry jokes. They never got a reaction. They make up everything.

Why are chemists great at solving problems? They have all the solutions. Police arrested a man carrying a bag of sodium and a 9-volt.

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Science jokes for kids! Love science? Have a blast with a science party! Know more jokes? Tell us them!

In Honor Of National Chemistry Week, Here Are 15 Jokes Only Chemists Will Get Carbon you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium?

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Every chemist deserves a break. So put down that beaker, take off your safety glasses, and enjoy a few chemistry jokes and riddles. Did you know that you can cool yourself to Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium?

He just couldn’t put it down.

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Not get a big enough reaction? Try our science , history or English jokes! Do chemistry jokes make you sound smart?

A big list of potassium jokes! Oxygen and potassium went on a date. I tried to create a great new chemical compound using oxygen and potassium.

Women admire intelligence. They want to date someone who can carry a conversation, who can teach them something, who can stimulate their mind as well as their body. Of course, the only thing women like better than a smart man is a man with a good sense of humor. A man who can make them laugh, even at the most ridiculous jokes. That is why you should use these science pick up lines the next time you find someone you want to get to know intimately.

You must be the square root of negative 1 because there is no way that you can be real. Do you have 11 protons? Because you are sodium fine. I know hundreds of Pi digits, but what I really want to know is the 7 digits of your phone number. If I could make my own periodic table then you would be number one. My favorite element on the periodic table is Uranium because I am in love with U.

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Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. I tried to create a great new chemical compound using oxygen and potassium It wasn’t great, it was just OK. Oxygen and potassium went on a date

Did you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium? How did it go? It went OK2! Why do chemists like nitrates so much? They’re.

Subscriber Account active since. National Chemistry Week runs from Oct. In honor of our most elemental heh heh science, how about some chemistry jokes? These 15 chemistry jokes and puns are really cheesy and may only have the power to make a chemist laugh, but don’t worry: we’ve included an explanation below each joke so at least you’ll understand their cheesiness. And maybe even learn something along the way. Two chemists go into a bar. The first one says “I think I’ll have an H2O.

Explanation: H20 is the molecular formula for water. But H2O2 is the molecular formula for hydrogen peroxide, which will kill you if you drink it. Find the joke here. Explanation: The atomic symbol for oxygen and potassium are “O” and “K,” respectively. They get together they spell OK. The optimist sees the glass half full.

Here are 45 Chemistry Puns And Jokes Any Science Nerd Will Love

Want to barium. Check math pick up. A lasting romantic relationship talks and chemistry, a date with. Go Here.

Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? It went OK. What did the man say when his girlfriend threw sodium and chloride at him? That’s as-salt! What.

Enjoy sharing these with your lab mates:. Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium? Did you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium? How did it go? It went OK2! Q: What do you do with a sick chemist? Q: Why was the mole of oxygen molecules excited when he walked out of the singles bar? A proton and a neutron are walking down the street. Online money has recently been discovered to be a not-yet-identified super heavy element. The proposed name is: Un-obtainium.

The optimist sees the glass half full.

In Honor Of National Chemistry Week, Here Are 15 Jokes Only Chemists Will Get

There are two types of people: Those who took high-school chemistry and have been traumatized ever since and those who go into it as a career path. If you find yourself in the second group, you’re probably looking for ways to lighten your load. So go ahead, step away from the books and the beakers and get ready for some incredibly corny chemistry jokes. And forgive us if some of these miss the mark. We aren’t quite in our element here. Ba-dum, Tss!

Funny Chemistry Teacher Quote – no reaction Notepad. $ chemistry concoction joke postcard Chemistry Science Funny Carbon Dating Joke Magnet.

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